When to buy the communion dress

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¿ When to buy the communion dress ?

If your girl takes the First Communion in 2018 you are in the right place. I am sure there are many questions rounding your head as when to buy the communion dress. At Baunda, we may try to solve some of your doubts.

¿ When to buy the communion dress ?

If your girl takes the first communion in april or may 2018, then the best time to buy the communion dress is from december to the end of january. That way you have the possibility to choose in between the whole communion dresses collection offered at our store and you will be properly on time.

At Baunda we offer a large space, personal care and we are proud to share with you the biggest communion dresses collection in Madrid. We are in the heart of the city, at Calle Ayala 85, Madrid. We are placed in Salamanca Neighbourhood, Considered the best shopping area in the city, really near to subway Goya, Lista and Manuel Becerra

Eleccion accesorios a juego con el vestido comunion

There are many ways to book an appointment for communion dresses in Baunda Madrid:

You can place yourself the day and time with our  app BOOK A DATE ONLINE 

TELEPHONE (0034) 914011851

WHATSAPP (0034) 620272585

E-mail info@baunda.com

NOur proffesional tem will help you to choose the perfect dress for your girl and coordinate it with matching accessories: headpieces, headbands, crowns, bags, jackets, gloves… Everything to find the excluive look that shows your girl personality and satisfy the whole family.

ABefore you come we encourage you all to take a look at our 2018 communion dresses collection:


¿Can I get the dress home in the same day?

Pruebas de comunion 2018 Baunda Madrid

Well, it depends. At the store we will try the girl all the dresses you like. Once you have decided the model you like there are three possibilities:

  • In case we have her size at the store and it doesn´t need any fitting, then we will prepare it so that you can leave the store with the dress.
  • In case it needs any fittings, we will try to do them in one or two days, so that you can pick it up and return home with your beautiful communion dress.
  • In case we do not have the properly size for her, then we will need to order it to the made, This will take 4 or 8 weeks deppending on the rush we have. Once we receive the dress we will ensure it is perfect for her communion and fit it if necessary. Then we will ship it to your country through urgent and safe courier. The shipping usually takes 3-5 days.

¿Can I buy the communion dress online?

Of course you can !!! With Baunda, buy a communion dress for your girl is possible and we ensure it will fit the girl perfectly. We ask you for the girl measurements twice, just to make sure everything is allright. This process usually takes 9 weeks, but you can also order the dress as urgent service so that it takes 4 weeks. All these dates are flexible, as we work for you and adapt to you calendar. It is a very special day and we must ensure everything is perfect. The communion look of each princess is unic, and after many years of experience, we are specialist in communion. We ship dresses every week to United States, México, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, Guinea Ecuatorial, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc

We are already a world reference in communion dresses at Madrid and online shopping.

Cuando comprar el vestido de comunion 2018 Pide cita en Baunda Madrid

Cuando comprar el vestido de comunion 2018 Pide cita en Baunda Madrid